Prospects buy your Fearless Why.

Do you know what yours is?

If you want to find out, then you’ve landed at the right branding and graphic design studio. My name is Giulietta “Julie” Nardone, and I love encouraging organizations like you to find your “Fearless Why,” that fearless “X” factor that drives you to do what you do, that makes your clients want to work with you, that illuminates the brilliance only you possess. You aren’t like any other organization. Why keep offering the same generic experience?

Clients crave emotional connection. They want to know, like and trust you and, sometimes, even be more like you. They want to work with someone whose strength they believe in. They want to work with someone who’s going to provide the experience they want. The easiest way for them to do that is for you to reveal how your Fearless Why (aka greatest strength) can be of service to them. When they understand how you can solve their problem they are more likely to buy from you. Clients who believe in you will buy from you. They will buy the experience of you.

Let me walk the talk and share my Fearless Why up front. That way you can decide if it appeals to you.

I’m a branding visionary who excels in finding a client’s greatest strength, the one that will make you feel powerful. I begin the branding and design process by asking you to fill out a questionnaire that requires you to dig deep beneath the superficial surface. You’ll be amazed at what you find out about yourself or your team. Usually, clients have no idea what their true strengths are because they’ve been sublimated by the societal status quo that encourages us to spend valuable time “fixing” our weaknesses.

Wouldn’t you be better off going big with what you are already brilliant at? Something that makes you feel alive?

I want you to find your greatest strength because once you find it, you will no longer have to “sell.” You won’t feel icky. You’ll feel good. You’ll feel helpful. You’ll feel powerful.

You’ll be able to articulate what problems you solve, who you solve them for, why you’re different, and why a potential client should choose the experience of working with you.

Equally important, you’ll get lots of personal attention from me –– especially after the sale.

Potential clients like you want to be confident that if you hire me, I will deliver the corporate identity of your dreams. I’ve been treated differently once I signed on the dotted line and vow you’ll always receive first class treatment if you become a treasured Fearless Design client. We will collaborate together to create your new marketing materials. Since you will have been involved every step of the way, you will love the final design. I work really deeply and widely for my clients to ensure that happens. I want you to be happy and you will be.


I’m one of the most thoughtful logo designers in MetroWest. After receiving your questionnaire, I  think deeply about your responses. If I have more questions, I ask them. Only then do I start sketching potential concepts. That way I go beyond the cliché found in so many logo designs. I’ve worked with high tech firms, manufacturing companies, schools, churches, financial advisors, life and business coaches, insurance companies, nutritionists, landscapers, authors, and many other types of businesses.

Do I exclusively work in one small niche? No. That is a surefire way to end up with a logo that looks like everyone else’s.

To get new, creative ideas, it’s important to interact with different personalities, companies, cultures, and ideas. Distilling your company’s essence down to a single memorable mark takes more time and thought than you might imagine. Think 20 to 40 hours and for larger companies, even longer. It’s a skill that takes many years to develop. As Leonardo daVinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

A logo that looks like an illustration, quite frankly, isn’t finished. I learned the sophisticated design ropes from some of New England’s top graphic designers. They didn’t just teach at the college level. They owned profitable graphic design firms and passed their vast knowledge and experience on to their students.

Intrigued to find out more? I hope so! If you already know you want to meet for a no-cost, get-acquainted chat, please call or text me at 508.380.8799.

If you want to gather more intelligence on me, please explore my web site and sign up for my free e-inspire in the box at the top right or visit the contact page and send me a fearless note.

Thank you for stopping by my site. It’s the first step to becoming a fearless business owner! (And if you want to be fearless in your personal life, please visit my sister site Giulietta the Muse.)


P.S. Please check with your accountant, but all branding, design and writing services should be tax deductible.

P.P.S. Because I believe in the concept of “paying it forward,” I donate a percentage of all project fees to Hole In the Wall Camps (Paul Newman’s camps for children with serious medical conditions), I Love Mountains (ends mountain top removal), MetroWest Humane Society (cat shelter), Free The Slaves (Stops human and sex trafficking) or The Nature Conservancy (saves open spaces). Your choice.


I am a card carrying member of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce.
I am a co-facilitator for the Network Of Enterprising Women.
I am in the 2018 class of Leadership MetroWest, the region’s flagship leadership organization.

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