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Be Human: Branding, Identity

Like I always do with a new venture, I came to myself for the logo design. I do talks about getting in touch with your human side, about getting over the fear of being vulnerable. This is a t-shirt design I put together and and am now offering at cafe press. It also has a list of emotions that appear on the t-shirt.


Boston Preparatory Charter Public School: Branding, Mascot Logo Design

The students at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, selected the phoenix to be their school mascot. The school asked Fearless Design to create a unique phoenix logo, one that aligned with the school’s existing clean and contemporary brand. I interviewed staff and students. The phoenix I designed conveys the qualities the students and administration wanted ~ strong and fearless, yet compassionate. It appears on all sports-related attire.


Alpha Integrity Inc.: Identity

Alpha Integrity is a high-end international security consultant, specializing in anti-terrorism, aviation security and corporate security. The new identity had to be perceived by Alpha Integrity’s customers as cosmopolitan, cutting edge, yet approachable. I created an organic globe that was “protected” by Alpha Integrity’s security measures.
Alpha Integrity Inc.: Identity

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