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Back in love with Comment Luv!

Hello Fearless Readers,

It turns out that Comment Luv didn’t work because of a conflict in the HTML code. Phew! A Comment Luv/Blog/Unhacking a web site¬† expert fixed the error. Thank you Liz! You can visit her at Web Image Designs.

Honestly, a blog without Comment Luv just doesn’t cut it for me. I enjoy having my readers leave a link to their latest post and I enjoy leaving a link on blogs to my latest post.

It’s a real win-win. I’ve met great folks following an intriguing post and vice versa. Almost like an on-line business card. If your site is a standard word press template then it should be a snap to download the plug-in and follow the tutorial.

This site is my own design, programmed by a true Pixel Alchemist. Thank you Margie! You can visit her at Marisa Design.

I’m too much of an individualist to want my site to look like any other site out there.

See you G.

Lush Landscapes Brochure

I love working with Lush Landscapes because the owner, David, wants all his marketing materials to be beautiful, just like the yardscapes he produces. This fun postcard size brochure unfolds to reveal a path to beauty.


Green Up Ashland: Branding and Logo Design

Green Up Ashland asked me to design a logo that represented their efforts to make Ashland more sustainable. I researched existing “green movement” logos and found most of them used an image of the Earth or Mountains.¬†Created a clean, minimalist logo to complement their mission. Green ought to be clean!


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