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If You Love Yourself, Your Business Will Prosper

I feel so strongly that you need to love yourself to get anywhere in business and life that I’m going to mention a mini-retreat I’m co-hosting this Saturday, January 12th in Hopkinton from 9 am to 2 pm.

It’s called Eat, Pray, Love Yourself More! A twist on the best seller by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Eat, Pray, Love Yourself More! will provide opportunities to dig deeper into the nuances of your daily lives, to identify what creative and love-minded gifts you have to offer the world, and to highlight ways you might take more loving care of yourself.

Here is the link if you live in Greater Boston. Love Yourself More!

I’m convinced that a lot of the fear we experience in life comes from a lack of self-love, that we somehow think we don’t measure up to some strange standard someone put into our heads a long time ago. Why we’d want to take the genius each one of us possesses and crunch it into some generic sanitized lifeless version of us makes no sense to me. No wonder the economy can’t get its groove back.  (more…)

Learning Quest Education: Branding & Copy, Direct Mail Post Card

I met the owner of Learning Question Education at a local chamber of commerce event. She needed a direct mail postcard that illuminated her true fearless difference. We discovered that through my Fearless Why Branding process and made it the cornerstone of the postcard design. Current and potential clients have responded positively to the design and copy.

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