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Find Your Kickbutt Self

I wish our society would stop teaching kids and adults to be anything but themselves. It’s such a waste of human potential. It makes people crazy. It made me crazy. Thank god I figured this out or I’d be in some loony bin somewhere.
Nothing worse than feeling embarrassed to be yourself! Or thinking you need to suppress your best features because they deviate from the watered down norm. Way easier to do what comes naturally in every life situation. That said …

It’s really difficult to be a business owner if you’re not yourself. I know folks will recommend that you be Professional (aka fake) and suggest you wear stiff clothes and cut off your hair if it looks too wild and not wear dangling earrings and talk without emotion and never reveal anything “personal.”

What a bunch of business hogwash! I supposed you might get some business doing that, but at what cost? Your sanity, your loss of self, your selling of your soul to the business devil?

Who comes up with this bogus advice? Why would we act differently just because we’re selling something? Especially if we believe we are helping others with the thing we are selling. Does being fake when you are selling something sound like a good idea?Are you wearing different masks — one for play and one for work and one for family and one for friends? Not sure? Notice if your center of personality gravity shifts when you go to work or meet with clients. You’ll be able to notice once you turn your attention to it.

If that happens, try to pick one tiny personality trait and refuse to change it for your next client meeting. How did you feel after acting more like yourself?

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