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Dream Your Way To A Solution

So, I’m almost done with a huge project and I send over some demo files to the printer.

Ugh! I get the dreaded call. There is something wrong with the main stock image that appears everywhere. It’s really cool but won’t compress properly. Many complicated layers.

I’m trying everything. The printer is trying everything. We need it to mask but it will not. I’m under the gun here, feeling the pressure, feeling the heat.

What do I do if I can’t get this image to work?

I’m just about to throw in the designer towel when I decide to turn in early one night. I wake up in the wee morning hours like I do frequently — in that dreamy half-awake, half-asleep state. My mind galloping around the corners of my life. I start to think about the image.

I toss. I turn. I perspire. I fall back to sleep. I wake up an hour later. I feel ill. I fall back to sleep. I wake up again.

REVERSE MASK pops into my head.

Why didn’t I think of that? Wait, I did think of it or rather my subconscious thought of it.

I get up the next morning hoping it will solve my problem and make the mask. It works perfectly.

Saved by an out-of-control mind! More evidence that we need to unleash our minds, bodies and souls more and not listen to folks who demand we be in charge of our lives 24/7. Doesn’t go well with the creative mind.

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