Archive for June, 2014

BBN Technologies: Tradeshow Recruitment Banner

Super innovative BBN Technologies in Cambridge wanted a cool banner for their upcoming college recruitment trade show. It had to have both a high tech and a fun feel to attract in demand college graduates. In real life, the retractable banner was enormous. Designing really big required me to keep panning in and out – big picture, small picture.

BBN Technologies: Lobby Poster

BBN’s lobby in Cambridge, Mass, needed a welcome poster. It had to incorporate all languages spoken at BBN. It involved quite a bit of researching of languages and translating. The end result turned out very cool!


BBN Technologies: Cocktail Party Invite (Front)

BBN wanted a fun and enticing invite for a customer cocktail party they were holding in New York City. I selected a photo with a pulsing NYC vibe for the front and a skyline for the interior. Party was a smashing success!


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