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The Art of Self Promotion

I’ve noticed one huge difference in the folks who seem to make it (on whatever terms they choose.)They promote themselves! Consistently. It’s that simple. You may think they are sending too many emails, but others don’t and folks sign up for their programs.Once a month doesn’t cut it! I’ve got a bunch of different lists, some overlapping and have been successful over my resistance to sending invites out.Most people don’t read everything, so you need to send it out more so they catch it when they do. I’ve sent things out and on the third time, someone says, “I want to take that and signs up.”

Our resistance to sending things out comes from messages we got in school, work, etc, that it’s sleazy to promote yourself. Better to hide your personality, your wins, your dreams, your business.

Ugh. Can we please stop that? It’s passé, useless and financially dangerous. If you feel good about yourself and your services, let folks know about them. Promote the crap out of them with a sense of conviction. You will see results.

Years ago when I first opened my business and sat around waiting for something, anything to happen, my husband kept saying to me, “But no one knows you exist.” I couldn’t grasp that for the longest time because I was too terrified to even hear what he said.

Promote myself? How conceited! (more…)

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