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Fluence Analytics: Branding, Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope

Fearless Design collaborated with Telesian Technology and members of Fluence Analytics to create a new corporate identity for Fluence Analytics, an innovative data analysis firm in Louisiana. A great example of how a team of creative folks contributed different ideas that all swirled together to produce a handsome logo. Once we finalized the logo, I designed the business papers, which you can view in the print section. Client loves their new look!

FA Logo For Web

Paula Parker: Branding, Logo Design, Tagline, Business Cards.

Paula is a repeat customer. She returned to Fearless Design to get an updated look for her highly successful consulting firm. It was important to Paula that her new logo and card exhibit strength, possibilities and modernism. After collaborating on the project for a month, I created a sleek, slim-cut business card that gets rave reviews whenever she hands it out. I always feel great when the client gets a positive response to the marketing materials produced by Fearless Design.


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