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Are You Hustling Smart?

Hustling often has this dark connotation, like you are out on the streets doing shady things in the underbelly of some dingy city. But it also can have a good side because it means you are out promoting yourself and by association your business.

Here is a definition when used as a noun:


  1. 1.
    busy movement and activity. “the hustle and bustle of the big cities”
  2. 2.
    NORTH AMERICAN. informal
    a fraud or swindle.

It’s interesting, but when I don’t hustle my business sags, when I hustle it does really well.

Answer? Hustle smart. You shouldn’t be working like a dog, you should be experimenting with what does and doesn’t work and abandoning what drags you down or eats up your time or doesn’t feel inspiring to your soul.

In other words, figure out what you want in your business and go for it in a strategic way.

If whatever you are doing isn’t working, try to reshuffle your hustle and find something that does. And think way, way, way outside the box. Then you will come up with a novel way to market your business.

I’ve never gotten most of my business from networking groups, but a few came along that I thought I would try. I went religiously and did what I was supposed to but not much happened in either one. Everyone kept saying it takes time. I think it takes some time, but not a lot of time.

I assessed where I was going and decided it just wasn’t a good fit for me and my hustle style. Someone told me about a different networking group and I felt good about it on day one. We will see how that ones goes. If it doesn’t work, I will try something different.

And there are many business owners who do not deliberately network at all and do quite well. I call this organic networking. You just go about your daily life and meet people in that process.

I have to say that is my favorite and what has worked best for me over the years.

The Farmers Market has also been wonderful for my business. People are drawn to my colorful paintings and funky booth. They stop by all morning long. It’s a lot of fun showing my artwork and talking about art. When they buy some of my paintings, I feel good about it.

Think about your hustling strategy, even if it has been off your radar until now. What does it look and feel like? How can you make it feel better if it isn’t quite right.

What can you do more of or less of to enhance your strategy?

I know from experience that a quote embellished on a piece of wood I bought at the store really works. It says, “Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle.”

If you are afraid to hustle or get yourself out there, figure out why and see if you can overcome that in some way. Maybe it is smarter for you to hustle on-line rather than in person or vice versa. It depends on your personality and comfort zone. Some like to be out of the zone, others prefer to be near the edge to hang on.

Thanks! G.

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