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The Fearless Tales Begin!

I’m introducing the new Fearless Design web site and blog. Now, when I send out an e-inspire, I can link it to the blog. Got a good 2 or 3 years worth of Fearless Tales that haven’t see the light of blog day. Will try to resurrect a few, so this post doesn’t feel so lonely.

I often go to business sites looking for a blog, mainly to get a gut feel for the owner and his or her personality. (Personality is big for me.  I enjoy working with other fun folks.) When I don’t see one, it makes it harder for me to decide if I want to work with that person or refer them.

And I understand that not all business owners enjoy or want to write. In that case, a business owner might consider hiring a ghost blog-writer. Or, there’s always the option of doing videos if writing isn’t a business owner’s forte.

I prefer writing. Someday, I may do a video. Maybe while I’m kayaking on the river, summoning up good logo design ideas. And I may even post me doing some karaoke. We shall see.

Yours in fearlessness, G.


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