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Marsha Starikov Piano Studio: Brochure, Logo & Copywriting

A former concert pianist, Marsha Starikov wanted Fearless Design to design a colorful, classy brochure for her piano school. The main audience for the brochure is parents of young children, so I chose vibrant colors and action-oriented photographs that would appeal to that audience.

Marsha Starikov Piano Studio: Brochure, Logo & Copywriting

Albertina’s: Branding, Identity

Not all Italian restaurants are the same! Albertina’s wanted a sophisticated, European feel for its trendy, yet moderately priced bistro. I mulled over the true essence of the restaurant, and decided against anything clich├ęd like utensils or food. Instead I selected this Old World script font and a simple black and white color scheme.

Albertina's: Branding, Identity

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