Need to see some samples of my identity, print and web designs?

Every organization wants to be perceived in way that feels right. Otherwise, your organization will be out of sync with itself, which makes it hard to spread the word about your services without feeling icky.

That’s why it’s important to work with a graphic designer whose work you admire and who you believe can create the right visual & emotional identity for your company.

Every designer has a different strength. Mine happens to be working with you to find your greatest strength and creating classy, sophisticated designs that showcase your firm’s uniqueness.

I invite you to click through three galleries: Identity, Print and Web. You can reach them on the navigational bar. I’ve worked with companies of all size and industries. I’ve worked with governments, schools and non-profits. If you like what you see, please contact me without obligation. A select sample of clients include:

  • Analog Devices
  • Ashland Community Gardens
  • Ashland Farmer’s Market
  • Ashland Public Schools
  • Boston Public Schools
  • Boston Preparatory Charter Public School
  • Called To Write
  • Cereus Women
  • Cheryl Perreault, Story Teller and Spoken Word Artist
  • Coach Andrea
  • Crescendo International
  • Dream Factory Community
  • East Douglas Insurance
  • Fluence Analytics
  • Green Up Ashland
  • GBARC of Boston
  • Jenna Avery Coaching
  • The Group Center
  • Jane Siegel & Associates
  • LTX Corporation
  • Lush Landscapes
  • Marisa Design
  • MetroWest Leadership Academy
  • National Counsel On Aging
  • Paula Parker Consulting
  • Patricia Peterson, Author
  • Penelope James, Author
  • BBN Technologies
  • Shift Coaching and Consulting
  • Signing Together
  • Smith Leadership Academy
  • Smith Worthington
  • Spin Vintage
  • Still Point Nutrition
  • Susan Naimark Consulting
  • Telesian Technologies
  • The Writer’s Clinic
  • Weave Me A Song

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