The Beautiful Work: Identity

It takes a lot of thought to come up with a sophisticated logo that represents the truth of your business. I ask a lot of questions to uncover your Fearless Why. Then I design a logo that appeals to you and your ideal client. That way you both feel good.

Nothing more detrimental to business self-confidence than to hand out a business card with a logo on it that looks like your 15-year old nephew designed it. Yes, you saved money, but what does that say about your commitment to your own business?

I’ve taken advanced logo design classes and studied the work of the logo masters. I use my creative thinking abilities to ensure that the logo I design for you goes beyond the cliché. When that happens, you end up with a fearless logo. Otherwise, you blend into the business woodwork and it becomes difficult to stand out, especially in your own mind where it counts the most.

Please take a stroll through my logo designs. Stop the sideways scroll by placing your mouse over the text. Thank you!

Fluence Analytics: Branding, Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope

Fearless Design collaborated with Telesian Technology and members of Fluence Analytics to create a new corporate identity for Fluence Analytics, an innovative data analysis firm in Louisiana. A great example of how a team of creative folks contributed different ideas that all swirled together to produce a handsome logo. Once we finalized the logo, I designed the business papers, which you can view in the print section. Client loves their new look!

FA Logo For Web

Called To Write: Branding, Logo, Business Cards, Website Header

Called To Write is a returning client! Jenna, a writing coach, loved her corporate logo so much, she asked me to rebrand her innovative accountability program for writers. This logo took longer than usual because it had to capture the magic of writing, without descending into anything cliché. We bounced ideas off each other until the name set into the stars came into focus. Sometimes, it can take a considerable amount of time to come up with the perfect logo. It’s really a process that should not be rushed. You want to get it right. If you don’t you and your potential clients won’t love it. I work extra hard to make sure all my clients love their logos. Anything less and I don’t feel like I’ve done my fearless best.




Ashland Business Association: Branding & Logo Design

Ashland Business Association had an extremely dated look that did not speak to new or even existing members. The President hired me to create a contemporary, vibrant logo that blended the mission of the business group with the unique aspects of the town. One of the most unique aspects are the railroad tracks that slice Ashland in two geographical areas. Instead of fighting the train, I suggested we celebrate the train and see it as something that draws folks into its mystique. The upbeat colors signify a new, hip business association.


Crescendo International: Branding, Logo and Business Cards

I love working with companies that do good in the world! Crescendo International wanted a logo that reflected the warmth of its mission: strengthening humanitarian relief efforts by including local people in the decision making process. The first image that came to me during the vital “sketching with a pencil process” involved folks working together in this process. But I needed to move beyond the typical cliché logo I see involving people working together. I wanted them to be holding hands in a new way. It took me a lot of sketching and deviating to other images before waking up in the middle of the night with this idea. Yes, folks, I get a lot of my best ideas as night. I’ve also designed business cards and am working on a web site design.


Sterling Services, Fearless Branding, Logo, Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card

Sterling Services, Inc, wanted an updated logo for its business, a graphic design facelift so-to-speak. After analyzing the Fearless Branding questionnaire I gave to the owners, I created a warm and inviting logo that married property management, customer service and a sense of family. The logo expresses Sterling Services greatest selling point: It goes the extra customer service mile (or two.) The entire staff loves it! I’ve been passed by their trucks in the road. Really cool to see the logo everywhere.


Back-A-Vet: Branding, Logo Design

Once a year, I do a pro-bono project. Feels good to help out a local non-profit. In 2015-16, my husband participated in Leadership Metrowest. He asked me to help design the logo for his group’s community project, which was to distribute toiletries in backpacks to local vets. He explained the core mission of his group and I came up with some sketches. We finessed them together and came up with the neat logo below.  The logo became a rock star of sorts when the local daily did a story on the program and showcased the logo on a backpack.


Shift Coaching & Consulting: Fearless Why Branding, Naming Collaboration and Logo Design

The two coach/consultants at Shift Coaching wanted a logo that no only reflected their unique talents but also their innate ability to get clients to shift their perspectives. I dug deep into their individual questionnaires and created a logo that shows exactly what they do. A living logo! They love it and get lots of compliments on it. I feel like I’ve done a terrific job when I hear that my clients’ clients love the logo.

Ashland Creative: Branding, Logo Design, and Collaborative Tagline Development

Ashland Creative promotes creativity in people of all ages. Up until this point, Ashland’s art scene has been almost non-existent. The founders of the forming non-profit wanted a logo that exuded aliveness and a multi-generational appeal. I searched for a font that had an artistic look, then moved the letters up and down to give it energy. I added a flame over the i in creative to signify the non-profit’s mission to boost all things creative and artistic in town. The entire board worked together to create the magical tagline.




Dream Factory Community: Branding, Logo, Business Cards, T-Shirts

Nancy Cantor and I  met in my first life shop for women: Freeing The Wild Woman Within. Once she released her wild woman she easily conjured up the idea for her new business venture: The Dream Factory Community. I created a logo that suggests letting go so you can be a star that stands out. Whenever I’m at an event and women find out I designed Nancy’s logo, they always say, “I love that logo.” Doesn’t get much better than that for a designer.

Have you let go yet?

Green Up Ashland: Branding and Logo Design

Green Up Ashland asked me to design a logo that represented their efforts to make Ashland more sustainable. I researched existing “green movement” logos and found most of them used an image of the Earth or Mountains. Created a clean, minimalist logo to complement their mission. Green ought to be clean!


Cereus Women: Fearless Why Branding, Tagline Development and Logo Design

Kim Reddington asked me to rebrand her company! She’d been steadily growing her clientele and wanted a clean, inviting, contemporary logo to update her image. After working for several months to find her Fearless Why, I designed a logo consisting of three unique stars. The colors selected were feminine, yet strong. Her friends and clients love it! Isn’t it fun?


Meetinghouse Communications: Branding, Naming, Logo, Business Cards

The principle of Meeting House Communications exudes a quiet, creative confidence. It’s not often that you really feel listened to by a vendor. I knew right away that the logo had to reflect her warm, friendly demeanor. You know by looking at this logo that she’ll take good care of your firm’s communications needs by getting the word  out. Nothing like peace of mind.

Spin Vintage: Branding, Identity

I had a great time creating the Spin Vintage logo. Susan, the owner of this med-century antique store in Tennessee, wanted her logo to be modern, funky and colorful. It needed to reflect the fun atmosphere shoppers find when they venture into her shop, a former gas station. She’s says it looks terrific as a sign hanging out front.

Don’t you just love it?

The Writer’s Clinic: Fearless Why Branding, Logo, Web Site Header

Jean Gogolin provides wit and wisdom for wordsmiths. The logo needed to reflect her fine sense of humor but not descend into silliness. To achieve that fine balance, I combined a classic typeface with the unconventional use of a pen.


Coach Andrea: Branding, Tagline Development, Logo Design, Business Card, Letterhead, Note Card

The time had finally come for Coach Andrea to update her brand. Her existing logo and tagline no longer reflected the best version of herself. We spent a lot of time uncovering her fearless why, crafting her new tagline and distilling that new direction into a star-themed logo. The resulting logo is inspirational, elegant and gender neutral.



Jenna Avery: Branding, Logo, Letterhead, Business Card

Jenna Avery works with her clients to unleash their creative force. She’s also a science fiction writer. After discovering her fearless why, I selected some REAL business titles and created a sparkling logo of expansive stars. It suits her dynamic, colorful and sci-fi personality. No need for dull titles in the creative world.

Lush Landscapes: branding, logo, business card, web site

David McWeeney has a great brand story: Villanova University graduate and former IS professional gets in touch with his inner “Edward Scissorhands” and makes the courageous leap from white to green collar professional. David absolutely loves bringing beautiful gardens to life. To celebrate that love, I designed a beautiful organic logo, business card and web site. When David directs potential clients to his web site or hands them his business card, they know right away David’s difference is his heartfelt commitment to make the world a more beautiful place.

Lush Landscapes: branding, logo, business card, web site

Town Hall Study Committee: Identity

This town committee was chartered by town meeting to identify a new site for Ashland’s Town Hall or to investigate renovating the existing building. The arrows symbolized the investigative nature of the committee and the various paths they would need to follow in order to provide a well researched recommendation to the Town. In the end, the committee chose to renovate and reuse their historic Town Hall.

Town Hall Study Committee: Identity

DNH Homes, LLC: Branding, Identity, Business Card

Not all builders are created alike. This high-end builder asked me to create an identity that exuded the same level of class and craftsmanship as the million dollar homes he builds. To create this award winning logo, I brainstormed ways to creatively represent my client’s greatest value to his customers: “adding the details that transform an ordinary home into an extraordinary one.”

DNH Homes, LLC: Branding, Identity, Business Card

Ashland Farmers Market: Branding and Logo

The Ashland Farmers Market came to Fearless Design looking for a logo that evoked feelings of warmth and welcome, yet still be fun and hip. It needed to attract food lovers of all ages. In the end, I married a funky looking carrot with a rebellious font. Local economy — here we come!

Smith Worthington, Counselor at Law: Branding, Identity, Business Card, Stationery, Signage

Smith Worthington is a repeat client. They changed their name to reflect a new partnership and asked us to design a new logo and stationery system. After analyzing Smith Worthington’s new branding brief, I decided to kick the elegance up a notch from the original logo. I kept the same rich colors and designed a new logo out of their last two initials. Although the new business card needed lots of information on both sides, I arranged the information in a way that feels roomy.

Smith Worthington, Counselor at Law: Branding, Identity, Business Card, Stationery, Signage

Marketing Department, LTX Corporation: Identity

The director of this engineering division needed a logo for his new software initiative: Open Platform. My challenge was to develop an abstract logo that symbolized the integration of diverse components into a harmonious whole.

Albertina’s: Branding, Identity

Not all Italian restaurants are the same! Albertina’s wanted a sophisticated, European feel for its trendy, yet moderately priced bistro. I mulled over the true essence of the restaurant, and decided against anything clichéd like utensils or food. Instead I selected this Old World script font and a simple black and white color scheme.

Albertina's: Branding, Identity

Be Human: Branding, Identity

Like I always do with a new venture, I came to myself for the logo design. I do talks about getting in touch with your human side, about getting over the fear of being vulnerable. This is a t-shirt design I put together and and am now offering at cafe press. It also has a list of emotions that appear on the t-shirt.


Boston Preparatory Charter Public School: Branding, Mascot Logo Design

The students at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, selected the phoenix to be their school mascot. The school asked Fearless Design to create a unique phoenix logo, one that aligned with the school’s existing clean and contemporary brand. I interviewed staff and students. The phoenix I designed conveys the qualities the students and administration wanted ~ strong and fearless, yet compassionate. It appears on all sports-related attire.


Alpha Integrity Inc.: Identity

Alpha Integrity is a high-end international security consultant, specializing in anti-terrorism, aviation security and corporate security. The new identity had to be perceived by Alpha Integrity’s customers as cosmopolitan, cutting edge, yet approachable. I created an organic globe that was “protected” by Alpha Integrity’s security measures.
Alpha Integrity Inc.: Identity

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