Looking to be more bold and brave in your business, but tired of the elementary school seminar format?

I’ve been offering Life Shops since 2004 on a variety of business and life topics. Whatever dogs you in life will follow you into your business. My life shops bring out the boldness and braveness in those who attend. They are fun, interactive, and business-changing.

Instead of the default “facing forward” seating arrangement, we sit in a circle. It’s the only way to feel more powerful and engaged.

You will walk out braver than when you walked in.

In addition to my own events, you can HIRE ME to lead a life shop at your own place of business or upcoming event.

Here is the latest line-up

Get On Your Business Brave Series
Thursdays, August 10, 17 and 24
8:30 to 9:45
Metrowest Chamber of Commerce.
Framingham, mass

Humor Is the New Black: Write stories that make people laugh.
July 2017
on-line at writers.com

Welcome to Writers.com

Let It Rip: The Fine Art of Writing Fiery Prose
Fall 2017
on-line at writers.com

Welcome to Writers.com

Suspense Sells: Power Up Your Writing With Conflict, Tension and Emotion
Winter 2018
on-line at writers.com

Welcome to Writers.com

Innovation Lab: Experimenting With Wander, Wonder and What If?
Year Round
Mobile program for businesses and organizations!
508 380 3799

Some topics I’ve BOLDEDed audiences with:

Overcoming your business fears

Overcoming your creative fears

Step into your greatness & make your own economy

Shh! Secrets of Powerful, Provocative And Publishable Personal Essays

Spice Up Your Blog Posts With Personality

Reclaim Your Creative Thinking Abilities

Unleash Your Creative Side

How to stop being so busy and start living a more meaningful life.

Groups I’ve presented to:

Acton Public Library

Ashland Business Association

Ashland High School

Ashland Public Library

Cultural Arts Alliance

Goodnow Public Library in Sudbury

Hopkinton Public Library

Medway Public Library


MetroWest Committee of the Women’s Bar Association

MetroWest Business Partners

Network of Enterprising Women

Morse Institute Public Library

Story Circle On-Line Writing Programs

Wayland Public Library

Women’s Art Forum

Women’s Conference of MetroWest ~ Purpose, Passion and Power: Finding your Dream




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