I want my customers to be 100% satisfied — so far, so good! I always follow-up to make sure you’re pleased with the final product. No disappearing act here!

“Be The Vibrant, Fear-Less Self Your Clients (And You) Want To Be Around” a seminar with Giulietta Nardone sounded like something that would be great for me and by proxy, my business.
But, did I have the nerve to look that deep into my fear(s) with my peers sitting there with me? Yes I did! The format was embracing, freeing and even fun. Giulietta knew how to draw everyone into the mix in a way that felt comfortable. Barriers came down, shyness was overcome and powerful lessons about oneself were learned.
The seminar format gave me the ability to look at my roadblocks and find ways to overcome them in a safe, nurturing environment. Four words that best describe the seminar; Powerful , Fun, Important and Inspiring! Everyone should attend this seminar no matter what your business.

Judi Teller
Judi Teller, Realtor and Professional Home Stager

SHIFT Coaching & Consulting is all about helping our clients set bold goals and accomplish astounding outcomes. We wanted a logo that captured our professional style - bold and direct! Julie worked closely with us to understand our goals and our vision for our brand. We were delighted with how quickly she nailed the concept for us. SHIFT works with leaders and executive teams to build innovative cultures. She was completely willing to start outside of the traditional logo comfort zone. We were also impressed with how willing she was to work with us as we got the logo exactly right. She understands the speed of business and has been responsive when we’ve had rapid time requirements. We need a bold designer – we have one in Julie.

Alex Carleton & Nancy Capistran, Managing Partners

Alex Carleton & Nancy Capistran, Managing Partners
Shift Coaching and Consulting

I hired Giulietta to create a logo for me after being in business for 15 years. She made the process fun for me. When I started to get stressed out that I couldn’t decide, she kept reminding me to relax and have fun with it. I LOVE my new logo and feel that Giulietta really captured what I wanted to say.

Andrea Novakowski, Executive Coach & Pathways Illuminator
Coach Andrea

I hired Giulietta to create my logo because I wanted a brand and logo that was going to reflect where my business is heading, something I could grow into. Giulietta’s process really helped me dive deep into myself to discover a deeper meaning of how I am serving my clients. She was able to get to not only the logistics of what I do, but also the essence of how my clients feel when they work with me. While the process seemed to take a long time, it was well worth the wait. I was rewarded with a logo that I am proud of. One that reflects how I serve my clients, as well as the inspiring energy that I want to portray. The logo, brand and colors used are all perfect. I have received only amazing comments from anyone who sees my new brand. Thank you so much, Giulietta. The logo is exactly what I was hoping for.

Kim Reddington, Client Attraction Expert
Cereus Women

What I loved about working with Julie is how she was able to help me feel comfortable during a potentially anxiety producing process, while simultaneously encouraging me out of my comfort zone. The result is a business name, design and brand set apart from the pack. I love it and the response has been very enthusiastic. Working with Julie one always feels the collaborative nature of the process and though the concrete design process is complete, I know Julie remains “in my corner” as a supportive and wise business guide.

Linda Miller, Kindness Advocate
Joy Becomes You

I asked Giulietta to help me with branding my company and creating a logo for my business. She did an amazing job with both the design and color.

Although we don't live close to each other, she was able to provide all her services by phone and computer. She was creative, efficient and detailed.

I highly recommend working with Giulietta for any of your business design decisions. She is the best!

Martha Finlay, MS, RD
Still Point Nutrition Eat right, Live younger

Martha Finlay
Still Point Nutrition

Working with Giulietta to find my fearless brand was like deep sea diving into the ocean of me. I could not have predicted (nor directed, instructed or requested!) the magical perfection of the logo that resulted from our explorations. I can only call her work divinely inspired. It's just too crazy cool to even be anything else.

Jenna Avery, Writer, Coach, Visionary
Jenna Avery Coaching

As someone who purchased an online “ending procrastination” package a year ago and has yet to explore the contents, I jumped at the opportunity to take Banish Your Procrastination. Giulietta and Kim helped me explore the reasons behind my procrastination, face the projects that were languishing in my “procrastination quagmire,” and set completion strategies that target my needs and blocks. I envisioned myself at the end of a project looking back to see the steps I took rather than staring ahead into the unknown. I also weaved in elements from 31 Ways to Stop Procrastination in its Tracks, and Procrastination Smasher Tools and within a week after taking the seminar completed a task I had been putting off for seven months.

Janet Parnes, Actress, Etiquette Maven
Etiquette for Today

I found Giulietta through a guest post of hers on Men With Pens and loved both her fearless approach to life and design and her writing style. It's rare to find someone who's good at both design and writing, and Giulietta is.
Fortunately, we don't live far apart. We met, we clicked, and soon I had new business cards, a logo and a website header I love. Giulietta is fun to work with and very responsive -- when she promises something, she delivers. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Jean Gogolin, Writer, Editor, Explorer
The Writer's Clinic

Giulietta, I really enjoyed your "Overcoming Your Business Fears" life shop. I really appreciate how you skillfully and humorously guide us around the touchy issues we all feel alone in, but that are really so common to everyone's experience. You provide a sense of safety for us to reveal, even to ourselves, what's holding us back, while at the same time playfully encouraging boldness at every turn!
I look forward to progressing to the "Now That You've Overcome your Business Fears, What are You Going to Do with All that Brilliance and Extra Cash?" life shop :-)

Barbara Kessler, Singer, songwriter, producer, improv actress

Originally, I chose Fearless Design primarily for Giulietta's motivational & writing skills, but what I got was far more than I expected. Fearless Design produced what several people have termed a "killer" website, which promises to be a great business asset. I have received many positive comments on the professional, and unique, design, which speaks highly for Fearless Design’s creativity. Much of the credit has to go to Giulietta and her inimitable working style. A true pro, she is determined to give the best service and results, often beyond the call of duty. Throughout the website setting-up process, she was always there for me, encouraging, guiding me over the humps, suggesting improvements and yes, some risks that, however, paid off, and treating my project as if it were her own. I would recommend Fearless Design to anyone looking for the hard-to-find combination of expertise, professionalism, creativity, and hands-on service in website design and branding.

Penelope Jones, Author

I have had many compliments on both the business card and the logo Giulietta created for Lush Landscapes. The logo and cards are unique and memorable with our clients and leave the correct impression to differentiate us from our competition.

David McWeeney, Owner
Lush Landscapes

We are proud to hand out our annual report and fundraising materials to potential students, teachers and donors. Julie not only came up with beautiful designs but also suggested additional content to strengthen the connection with our audience. Everyone loves them! So much so that people want to know who created our materials. We will continue to work with Julie on many of our projects in the near future.

Karmala Sherwood, Head of School
Smith Leadership Academy

I found Julie really fun to work with and was delighted with the first logo design she gave me. It really captured the essence of me and my business in a beautiful way. I had seen the designs she has done for other business colleagues and was impressed with them as well. I trust her advice and eye for design.

Patricia Mazzola, Angel Therapy Practitioner
Angel Divinations

I now have the prettiest piano brochure any piano teacher has ever had. Julie not only designed the brochure based on the brand she developed for me but also wrote the copy and helped with the art direction. I've already gotten several new students since the brochure was distributed around the MetroWest area.

Marsha Starikov, Piano teacher and accompanist
Starikov Piano Studio

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