Want to know more about the fearless designer?

Hello! My name is Giulietta Nardone (Julie for short) and I’m the branding strategist here at Fearless Design. I don’t believe in the same old, same old philosophy of branding and marketing. Instead, I’ll work closely with you to discover your unique brilliance & solve your marketing problem so you can get the right marketing materials for your business. You’re not like everyone else. Why should your marketing materials be? Too many companies want to disappear into the beige shadows. I’ll show you how to embrace your greatness and make it work for you.

What’s different about working with Fearless Design?

You’ll be treated like you matter. I’ve often felt like a cog in a wheel when dealing with businesses, so your experience with Fearless Design will be different. I strive to make each Fearless Design client feel like you’re my only client, that you’re important. This is accomplished by working with a select number of clients at any one time, asking you lots of questions at the beginning of your project, listening to your needs along the way and staying in frequent touch by phone or email throughout the entire process. Plus, you work exclusively with me, not a junior designer.

The quick fix does not interest me. I prefer to develop longer-term partnerships with my clients built on mutual respect, trust and the belief that what we’re doing on this magical planet benefits the lives of others.

To show my commitment to building long-term trust with potential and ongoing clients, please consider signing up for my free e-inspire “Dare to be different. Dare to be you.” Once a month I share a life lesson I’ve learned that can be applied to your business or your life. Sign-up box is to the left. Look forward to having you join my tribe of loyal readers who dare to be different.

P.S. I’m also committed to living a creative & adventurous lifestyle — something I believe makes me unique among brand strategists & designers! In addition to developing beautiful designs for my clients, I write essays about life, paint with oil, dance in my itty bitty home disco, sing torch/disco songs at karaoke nights and in a band, bike across geographical places, and play lots of pinball. This keeps me enthusiastic & energetic about work, play and everything in between.

If I sound like someone you’d like to work with, Please contact me without obligation for your get-acquainted session.

Love to hear from you!

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